Episode 11- Merry Chrimpod!
In this week's episdoe of WrestlePod, Ben Spindler, Tom Anstey and Andrew Downs discuss their podcasting highlights of the year, Ryback on Chrs Jericho's podcast, Jarrett on Jim Ross's podcast and much much more!


Findlay Martin Joins WrestlePod!
In the latest edition to WrestlePod membership, the former editor of Power Slam Magazine, Findlay Martin, brings his expert opinion to current events in the wrestling world every fortnight!

Members: WWE Hell In A Cell 2014 Review
Following last night's Hell in a Cell PPV, Ben Spindler and Richard Gittins discuss the show in full.

Members: The Attitude Era Show Episode 24
This week's Attitude Era show is now available, exclusive to members, Ben Spindler and Gavin Duenas discuss Wrestlemania 15.


The Pro Wrestling Torch Livecast
Here is our guide to what you can expect from the PW Torch Livecast...

Here's our quick guide to what The Total Wrestling Show will offer you...


A fortnightly look at the world of professional wrestling with the former editor of Power Slam magazine, Fin Martin. Fin is one of the most well respected wrestling journalists in the entire world having been the creator and editor of Power Slam for 20 years. Now Fin will be bringing his insight to WrestlePod every 2 weeks where he will answer your questions and comment on the latest wrestling news

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Former editor of Powerslam Findlay Martin and former British Heavyweight champion Alex Shane discuss WWE Raw, Lucha Underground, the Royal Rumble, Shinsuke Nakamura to the WWE, Awesome Kong's backstage incident in TNA and much, much more...


Have you noticed just how many wrestling podcasts there are these days!? It's almost as if every wrestler, former wrestler, announcer, referee and fan has their own! There are quite literally thousands of hours of new wrestling podcasting content put out every single week so keeping up with it all is now impossible. How do you know which ones to listen to? How do you know which are actually good? How do you know which ones are suited to your taste and talk about the things you'll be interested in?

That's where we come in.

Wrestlepod is a unique and easy to use resource that rates, reviews and categorises the plethora of wrestling podcasts out there to allow you to make the right choices about what podcast suits you best.

Looking for only the biggest names and the star interviews they do? No problem. Looking for easy to listen to blasts of audio content? We can point you in the right direction. Looking for something a little more obscure and in depth, you can find it here.

Whatever it is you fancy listening to, Wrestlepod helps you to pick the right podcast to satisfy your need.

On top of that we bring you the wrestling podcast chart, based on number of listens, reviews and recommends. Here you can find out what it is that other people are listening to.

We also bring you 'The Podcast of Podcasts' Wrestlepod's very own podcast, where we bring you bang up to date on all the latest news from the wrestling podcast world, give our thoughts on recent podcasting content and pick out the things you should look out for in the coming week.

It's a veritable feast of podcasting content and it's at your fingertips...enjoy!


#1 Art Of Wrestling

#2 The Steve Austin Show - UNLEASHED!

#3 Talk Is Jericho

#4 All Wrestling Week In Review

#5 Pro Wrestling Torch Livecast



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